The Presidential Touch helps Independent Artistes create a Unique Brand Identity that sets them apart. ‚Äč


From understanding what you stand for and what you want to potray, let's adda a presidential touch to you and your music.

Stand Out.

With millions of independent artistes around the world, creating and honing a unique brand helps you standout.


Creating engaging creatives, visuals and content helps you connect with your audience in a much deeper way.

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Boost your exposure rate.


Increase in Search Traffic


Increase in Followers & Fans


Increase in Streams & Plays

Independent Artistes

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Branding Service.

Taking your brand into your hands is the first step to not only standing out but also gaining new listeners, followers and fans. We are commited to independent artistes and provide a one-stop show for everything needed to “pop”.

We start by understanding "you"

We ensure that your brand is uniform.

We then translate that into design.

Without breaking the bank.

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What we do for artistes.

Name Branding

Your name as an artiste is a brand! It is very important that you have a distinctive brand name that people will recoginize all the time.

Song Artwork

Everytime you release a song, mixtape, E.P or an Album, your artwork says a lot about you and your body of work.

S.M Creatives

We live in a visual world, the creatives you post on Social Media helps propell your music gives your fans soemthing to share.

Artiste Website

As much as social media is good for your career, you do not own it. Your website is your number one online asset you can own 100% of. From selling your merch to showcasing your videos, there's no limit.

Viral Memes

Let us create share-worthy short memes and fun videos that are congruent with your song and brand. These types of meme spread like wide-fire on social media.

Ads & Sponsorship

You cannot rely on your friends to publicize your music. You need to run strategic, well planned and targeted Ads to expose your music to the millions of new listeners.

Actionable Advice for Independent Artistes

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Creative Branding


  • - Official Name logo
  • - Track and Album Artworks
  • - Promotional Video Creatives (both for Feed and Story post)
  • - Creation of Memes for songs
  • - Photoshoot & Videography

Web Branding


  • - Artiste Website design
  • - Domain & Hosting Registration
  • - E-commerce capibilty
  • - Social Media Intergration
  • - Search Engine & Profile Enhancement

Ad Services


  • - Instagram Feed & Story Ads
  • - Facebook Feed & Story Ads
  • - Youtube Ads
  • - Snapchat Ads
  • - Targeting, Analysis & Breakdown
  • - 24/7 support

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month

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